I help you to earn more money
In the short term rental market


Who I am

My name is Matteo Ceccaroni, I am a property manager and consultant in short-term rentals with a degree in marketing.

I help owners and managers improve their returns in the short term rental market
Matteo Ceccaroni

How I can help you

Live courses

Listing optimization

Private consultancy

Tools and market analysis

Results you can get

  • Sale price increase.
    You will be able to rent the same apartment for a higher price

  • More bookings.
    Increase the occupancy rate and minimize unsold nights

  • Better Search Ranking.
    Appear among the first results on Airbnb and Booking

  • Better reviews.
    Your guests will be happier and reward you

  • More time for you.
    Learn how to automate your business

  • Direct bookings.
    Techniques to be found directly by guests

Take advantage of it, before your competitor does!

Take advantage of it, before your competitor does!

Let’s get into the details


The first one-to-one course for those who want to learn how to professionally manage short term rentals. No generic videos to download: you will be directly trained by me, Matteo Ceccaroni.

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We will talk about:

  • Marketing
  • Pricing strategy
  • Listing optimization
  • Communication with the guest
  • Business automatization
  • Disintermediation

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Talk directly to me and explain your goals: I will be happy to help you
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You want to buy a new house for short term rentals, but you don’t know if it’s convenient for you? I will prepare a market analysis and a business plan for you!
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Guest message template, amenities check-list, hand drawn house maps, social media strategies, and more…

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Need more info?  Write me at: info@turidea.net