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Private video call


Personalized advice with me, Matteo Ceccaroni, manager and consultant in short-term rentals. The consultancy will be in videoconference: you ask, I answer!

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Descrizione / Description

Private consultation between you and me, Matteo Ceccaroni. We will connect via video conference and answer all your questions.
It will be a highly personalized session.


You can choose between 2 options:
– 30 minute session
– 60-minute session

How much money are you losing for a non-optimized listing or strategy? This amount is not visible but is real, and it can be very substantial. Acting on the right factors is essential to improve your ranking.

Informazioni aggiuntive


30 min, 60 min

How it works

After the purchase I will contact you and we will organize the consultation together according to your availability.


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